The Betty Bell Scholarship Fund

Creation of the Scholarship
This scholarship was established to assist students in obtaining higher education
in a building related field.

Value of Scholarship
The value of the scholarship is to be $500.00.

General Scholarship Information
A. The scholarship shall be used for educational purposes (tuition, room and
     board, books, etc.) and is non-refundable.
B. The scholarship award will be made out in the name of the recipient and the
     educational institution.
C. The scholarship is valid only for the current class year.
D. The scholarship is to be awarded prior to the Fall Semester of School.
E.  Applications must be sent to the HBAK office at 1040 Burlington Lane,
     Frankfort, KY 40601.

Qualifications of the Applicant
A. Applicant must be presently enrolled in an institution of higher education.
B. Applicant must live in the jurisdiction of the Home Builders Association of
C. Applicant must have been accepted by an approved institution of higher
    education or accredited institution for vocational training.
D. Applicant must be a member, or spouse, or child or employee of a member of
    the Home Builders Association of Kentucky or Women's Council of the Home
    Builders Association of Kentucky.
E. Applicant must exhibit good character.

Obligations of the Scholarship Recipient
A. To enroll and maintain a satisfactory record at an approved college, university
    or accredited institution for vocational training.
B. Conduct her/himself in a manner that does not discredit the school, Women's
    Council or building industry.
C. Pursue a course of study that will qualify the applicant for a professional
    career in the building industry.
If all of the aforementioned qualifications have been satisfied and judged equivalent,
then financial need of the applicant may be deemed a relevant factor.

Applying for the Scholarship
A. Each applicant must complete the application for the award.
B. Each applicant must write a brief statement regarding her/his educational
C. Each applicant must secure a written recommendation from two people other
    than family members, who can offer personal references for the applicant.
D. The applicant's high school or college transcript must accompany the
E. Applications can be mailed or delivered to the Home Builders
    Association of Kentucky, 1040 Burlington Lane, Frankfort, KY 40601 by July 15.

Selection of Scholarship Recipient
A. Race, creed, or sex will not be factors in the selection of the recipient.
B. A panel of judges appointed by the scholarship committee will review the
    applicant's request for the scholarship.
C. The judges will carefully check all the qualifications of the applicant in relation
     to personal references, recommendations and scholastic records.
D. The judges may invite the applicant for a personal interview.