Plumbing, a highly sought-after program at the Enzweiler Building Institute, is designed to assist those who want to become Apprentice Plumbers and progress to Journeyman or Master status.

This two-year course focuses on Kentucky Plumbing Code and incorporates hands-on excercises to teach the skills necessary to achieve licensure and succeed in the field.

Students learn new construction, repair, emergency repair, water and gas plumbing, plumbing fundamentals, customer service, licensure requirements, apprenticeship expectations and responsibilities.

Plumbing is a two year course that meets twice per week from 6 - 9 pm. Instruction is a combination of classroom study of the code and hands-on exercises.  The program is approved by the State of Kentucky as an education provider to accelerate the path to licensure by one year when taken concurrently while earning the required 4000 work hours in the field.