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KY Work Ready Skills Initiative


The Buillding Industry Association of Northern Kentucky (BIA) through its Enzweiler Building Institute and its partners including but not limited to Boone County Schools, Kenton County Board of Education, Campbell County Schools, Ludlow Independent Schools, Northern Kentucky Educational Cooperative Services, Boone County and Campbell County Area Technology Centers and Gateway Community and Technical College have been awarded $2,690,000 to address the workforce gap in the construction trades in Northern Kentucky. 

You may view the full application CLICK HERE

On April 20, 2017, the Kentucky Work Ready Skills Initiative (KWRSI) Advisory Committee met to deliberate grading of the proposals and included the NKY Regional Construction Partnership as a finalist to be interviewed for consideration of funding by the KWRSI. 

On May 10, 2017, partners interviewed with the KWRSI Advisory Committee to explain our program. CLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEO beginning at 00:41:00.

Those partners interviewing with the Committee:
Brian Miller - Executive Vice President, Building Industry Association of Northern Kentucky 
Dr. Randy Poe – Superintendent, Boone County Schools
Dr. David Rust – Superintendent, Campbell County Schools, spokesperson for Pendleton County Schools
Mike Borchers – Superintendent, Ludlow Independent Schools
Dr. Fernando Figueroa – President, Gateway Community and Technical College
Carissa Schutzman – Vice President of Workforce Solutions, Gateway Community and Technical College
Tom Arnzen – Director of Behavior Support and Student Engagement, Kenton County Schools
Joe Amann -  Principal, Campbell County Area Technology Center

The KWRSI Advisory Committee Included The NKY Regional Construction partnership in their finalists on May, 11 2017.

Here is a link to the video of the Work Ready Skills Initiative Advisory Committee deliberation and award of funding. 

Portions of the video concerning our project can be found at:
01:32:30 – first discussion
02:01:00 – second discussion
03:16:00 - final discussion on approach with 15 finalists 

The KWRSI Advisory Committee voted to award funding to the partnership on May, 17 2017, conditionally upon confirming public ownership of the granted improvements in Boone County.

Here is a ink to the video of the Committee's final deliberations.
Portions of the video concerning the Northern Kentucky Regional Construction Partnership can be found at: