Continuing Education

Each calendar year all registered builders and remodelers must complete six (6) hours of continuing education. Two of the six hours are required to be earned by attending a safety class*. Hours may only be earned by one company representative, regardless of the number of employees that attend a course.

Classes are scheduled at the BIA each month.

Failure to complete the required six hours of continuing education by December 31 can result in fines. Safety classes are required to be completed by October 31st of the Calendar Year. Please refer to the Registered Builder/Remodeler Program Requirements for more details.

Important Notice about Recent fines levied for builders/remodelers concerning safe lead removal!

Current Coursework is as follows:


Spring 2016
All Classes are held at BIANKY.
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May 12 10:00- 12:00 - Safety Class - Fall Protection    Members $75 - Non Members  $100


May 19  8:30 - 4: 40 - Safety / Continuing Education - EPA Lead Initial Certification - Members $300 - Non Members $350