Your Association Advocating for Your Business, Growing Your Workforce

"Every man owes a part of his time and money to the business or industry in which he is engaged. No man has a moral right to withhold his support from an organization that is striving to improve conditions within his sphere."

~Theodore Roosevelt

Following are a list of accomplishments the association has achieved for your business and is currently working on to make your world as a professional engaged in the construction industry a better place to be.  These issues should be important to all builders, remodelers and developers and stand as a testament why YOUR vendors, subcontractors and suppliers should support your industry by joining your association. 


  • Stopped closure of the Richwood Pump station.  This would have stopped Triple Crown, Steeplechase and most surrounding communities, the South Park office park and other industrial/commercial developments.  There are 4,600 new jobs coming to the area and without improvements those jobs (that have to live in a home) would not come;
  • Extended capacity reservations from 3 to 5 years to add flexibility.;
  • Hebron was shut down for three years.  Due to a partnership with Boone County Fiscal Court and SD1 the area is open for development once again;
  • Creating developer’s agreement that is business friendly;
  • At the center of dialogue regarding the agency itself;
  • Staff and members were appointed to the Hebron Area Sewer Study Committee commissioned by the Boone County Fiscal Court to study challenges and solutions regarding the lack of sewer capacity in the area of Hebron north of I-275;
  • Worked with agency to have them take over dry basins with water quality features.  Makes better solution for HOA’s and Builder/developer;
  • Have gotten two Past Presidents on SD1 Board of Directors and others friendly to the business community;
  • Attend every SD1 Board meeting;
  • Numerous meetings with Board members and staff throughout the year.

Kenton County Planning Commission

  • Stopped a large increase in development fees.  Rates were set to jump by 30% in some cases. Now set by CPI-u;
  • Stopped an increase in building permit fees. Now tied to construction costs. Rates were going to increase dramatically;
  • Engaged in two small area studies and South Kenton Study;
  • Currently engaged in a proposed increase in street and sidewalk inspection fees;
  • Currently engaged in rework of street specifications after new Subdivision Regulations went into affect;
  • Provided over 400 areas of concern with regard to Subdivision Regulations update.  Worked through all but three issues.  Were successful on the remaining three.  Added section to impress upon municipalities the need for them to maintain their streets;
  • Changed the direction of street design in subdivision regulations over three years. Would have cost about $3,600 – 3,800 per home more.  Now only $400-800 increase;
  • Worked on Kenton Comp Plan for 5 years to manage the plan to be as business friendly as possible.  Got urban services boundary lines removed. Added flexibility to the plan. Plan was a total rewrite;
  • Got Hillside study to not be adopted and lessened its impact in the Comprehensive Plan update;
  • Numerous meetings with Commissioners and staff throughout the year.
  • Influential in municipalities' commission appointments.
  • Working to manage the costs associated with requested increased fire flow by the Kenton County Fire Chiefs Assocaition.
  • Working to reduce skyrocketing costs association with industrial and commercial asphalt paving sections in Kenton CountyWorking with task force to examine a future land use map change to bring thousands of acres to industrial zoned land online in the Southwest portion of Kenton County.

Boone County Planning Commission

  • Added attached residential to C-2 and C-3 zones as an approved use;
  • Currently working to allow piping of downspouts;
  • Highly involved in shaping the Mall Road District Study;
  • Rework of Subdivision regulations in 2010.  Substantial changes giving you more time and flexibility covering 79 points of concern;
  • Rework of comprehensive plan that created a more business friendly environment and blocked inclusionary zoning;
  • Got the Greenways and Trails Study deleted.  Would have required walking/biking trails through every community and carved out 25% of Boone County from the possibility for development;
  • Numerous meetings with Commissioners and staff throughout the year.
  • Submitted comments regarding the draft Goals & Objectives of the 2017 Boone County Comprehensive Plan. As part of this process we also submitted comments on the 2010 Goals & Objectives.
  • Provided the Planning Commission with comments on elements of the 2040 Comprehensive Plan Draft Elements ahead of release of the Land Use Lements and Future Land Use Map drafts.

Campbell County Planning Commission

  • Currently engaged in Comprehensive Plan rewrite.  Got planning commission to adopt the 2010 Boone County Subdivision Regulations in large part.  Worked with new Planning Director to allow for more flag
  • Numerous meetings with Commissioners and staff throughout the year.

Northern Kentucky Water District

  • Working through developer’s agreement to be as business friendly as possible;
  • Review specifications every year and provide comment.

Boone County Water District

  • Cut water meter crock increases in half, saving $150 per home.
  • Worked with District to address stepped down water lines in cul-de-sacs.

Duke Electric

  • Got utility to create new pricing guidelines for streetlights for developers to estimate.  Pressured utilities to add new crews to handle building recovery.
  • Communicated new developer contacts.

Owen County Electric Cooperative


  • Worked to encourage Owen Electric to provide LED streetlight option. Available in summer 2018.

Spectrum Cable

  • Worked with the utility to improve responsive installation times from 18 down to 9 days.

Cincinnati Bell

Vision 2015

KY Division of Water

  • Only local association in KY to provide public comment on new MS4 Draft Permit.  Resulting in more flexibility and business friendly permit.  Must work with SD1 on implementation once permit is adopted;
  • Regularly watchdog timeliness of plan approvals;
  • Maintain timely approval of water and sewer plans.

U.S. Forestry

  • Lobbying Congress to increase domestic softwood lumber production;
  • Review tarrif between Canada and the U.S. regarding this renewable resource.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

  • One of only a few local associations in country to provide public comment to USEPA on Waters of the U.S. rulemaking.
  • NAHB influential in Trump Administration's Executive Order regarding rulemaking for Water of the U.S.
  • Succesfully delayed the Crystalline Silica in Construction rule, saving the industry an estamted $3.9 billiong nationally; 
  • Lead Paint RRP Rule - Lobbying Congress to reinstate the "opt out" provision for households with no children;
  • Lead Paint RRP Rule - Urging EPA to develop a test kit that is usable and accurate.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

  • Working in partnership with Louisville Association to create an Endangered Species Conservation Bank that will reduce the cost you pay towards payment in lieu fees for Indiana and Northern Long Eared Bats.  Especially valuable for commercial builder/developers as their fees are in the tens of thousands of dollars.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers/NKU Stream and Wetland Restoration Programs

  • NKY SRP raised the cost of mitigation from $300 per foot to $470 per foot.  Example: The new Wayfair Building was impacted and builder/developer had to pay $663,000 in fees.  Got put in the state biennium budget direction to the KY Department of Fish and Wildlife to do projects in our area.  Will result in fees going back down to $300 per foot in the next year.  Working with other associations to bring this down even more;
  • Working to supply state with feedback to USEPA regarding WOTUS Rulemaking;
  • Created coalition to address NKY Stream Restoration Program with Chamber of Commerce and Tri-ED;
  • Serve on NKYSRP Committee at NKU.
  • Created a whitepaper with coalition partners explaining the costs associated with the NKU Stream Restoration Program.  The whitepaper was sent out to the Northern Kentucky Caucus, Congressman Massie, Senators Paul and McConnell and the Governor’s office to provide data for comment from the Commonwealth to the Corps of Engineers and USEPA on Waters of the US rulemaking initiated as a result of President Trump’s February 2017 Executive Order directing the USACOE and USEPA to draft new rulemaking. 
  • A 2018 update of the aformentioned whitepaper is found here.
  • As of September 1, 2017 NKU stream credits were reduced from $480 to $300 a foot as a result of our efforts.  
  • In 2018 we presented issues involving the Clean Water Act Section 404 Program as a panelist with nationwide experts on the subject to the National Mitigation and Ecosystem Banking Conference.  A copy of that presentation can be found here. 
  • Worked with Louisville District Office and the Kentucky Energy and Evironment Cabinet to enlarge the service area for Northern Kentucky's stream and wetland mitigation program.  This icreased the area from 6 to 24 whole and partial counties that includes extremely affordable land for mitigation projects.

United States Postal Service

·          Provided comment to Congressman Massie in conjunction with the city of Union, Boone County Fiscal Court, Boone County Planning Commission and the Greater Cincinnati Home Builders Association in opposition of mandated cluster mailboxes

USDA Rural Development 502 Loan Program

  • After this issue was brought to our attention by a local member we worked for two years with NAHB, House Appropriator Hal Rogers, and through a series of continuing budget resolutions finalized a U.S. Farm Bill that extended the deadline for USDA’s 502 rural development loan program nationwide. By extending this program special financing options are available for 22+ new developments in Northern Kentucky alone and over 900 communities across the U.S; 


  • NKY Forum;
  • Kenton Rotary;
  • Kenton Comprehensive Plan Forums;
  • Kenton County “Place Matters” Forum;
  • Several on-air appearances on radio and television as well as print media covering advocacy issues;
  • Kenton County Mayors Meetings;
  • South Kenton County Working Group;
  • Served on Skyward’s Housing task force;
  • Meet with all NKY Caucus Elected Officials, most cities and all Judges/Executive and Fiscal Court Commissioners;
  • Numerous Housing and Commercial Development Studies broken down to the county/city level; both residential and commercial.

Coalition Partners

Kenton 911 Fee

  • Altered the Kenton County 911 fee to not include lots and model homes owned by builders/developers.

Building Code Officials in Boone, Kenton and Campbell Counties

  • Winder stair handrail interpretation creating an easier construction;
  • Attic insulation venting bathroom fans done away with.
  • Open dialogue with all NKY Building Departments;

 KY Department of Housing, Buildings and Construction

  • High-Rise commerical use of cast iron pipe changed to PVC approved.  Save hundreds of thousands for large scale buildings;
  • Approved education provider for licensure education through Enzweiler Building Institute;
  • Building Code review and revision to longer code cycle;
  • Bifurcating electrical license tracks to speed up licensing requirements.

BIA Member Appointments to Boards and Commissions

  • KY Housing Corporation
  • KY Work Ready Skills Initiative Advisory Committee
  • KY Department of Housing, Buildings and Construction
  • KY Education Professional Standards Board
  • KY School Curriculum, Assessment and Accountability Council
  • Boone County Planning Commission
  • Kenton County Planning Commission
  • Campbell County Planning Commission
  • Sanitation District #1

Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet

  • Working with Cabinet Secretary to change several issues regarding sanitary sewer funding and stormwater regulations. Have several areas of agreement.
  • Working to establish a assumption of Clean Water Act Section 404 (g) permit authority for Kentucky.

Kentucky General Assembly

  • Passed comprehensive liability protection for builders by removing the liability on new homes after ten years;
  • 1996 - Passed Workers’ Compensation Reform which directly resulted in a 40% reduction in premium rates;
  • Defeated legislation that would have raised real estate transfer taxes four separate times;
  • Defeated Smart Growth legislation which would have created a multi-tiered planning process, and slowed growth throughout the state;
  • Defeated onerous impact fee legislation on two separate occasions;
  • Repeatedly defeated legislation that would reclassify subcontractors as your employees;
  • 2003 - HB 289 - Passed Notice of Right to Repair Act which allowed a judge to place in abeyance any lawsuit brought by a homeowner until the complaint is handled by the builder or his/her agent;
  • 2006 – HB 1 - Supported an exemption for small businesses with less than $3 million in Gross Profits from having to consider the Alternative Minimum Calculation Tax and reestablished federal deductions on the State level;
  • 2009 – Special session HB 3 - Wrote, supported and passed legislation which created one of only three state tax credits in the United States for the purchase of a new home;
  • 2016 – HB 272 - Wrote, supported and passed legislation exempting builders who are installing vent pipes during the construction process from radon mitigation certification requirements;
  • 2016 – HB 309 - Supported Public Private Partnership (P3) legislation that allows a contractual agreement between a public agency and a private-sector entity to deliver a service or provide a facility for use by the general public;
  • 2017 - HB 112 - Supported and passed the “Dog Bite Bill” which protects landlords from liability if a tenant’s dog bites someone;
  • 2017 - HB 1 and SB 6 - Supported legislation making Kentucky a Right to Work state;
  • 2017 - HB 3 - Supported repealing the state’s prevailing wage law that dictates the hourly base wage for construction workers hired for certain public works projects;
  • 2017 - HB 72 - Supported and passed the Appeals Bond legislation that requires the posting of an appeals bond by an appellant.  This new law is designed to end frivolous appeals designed to delay or kill development projects;
  • 2017 - HB 206 - Supported legislation that would provide registered apprentices access to KEES funding for scholarships for trades training;
  • 2017 - SB 182 - Wrote supported and passed legislation that enables SD1 to cost share upsized sewer infrastructure with developers.
  • 2018 - HB 2 - Workers Compensatin Reform
  • 2018 - HB 202 - Road Construction Plan with massive funding imrovements for NKY!
  • 2018 - HB 252 - Unepmloyent Insurance reform
  • 2018 - HB 314 - Allows KY to amend the electric code
  • 2018 - SB 151 - Pension Reform

Enzweiler Building Institute and the Kentucky Education and Workforce Development Cabinet

Political Action 

  • The State & Local Government Committee meets with elected and appointed officials every month. Over the last few years they have met with every member of the Northern Kentucky Caucus;
  • Multiple meetings and conversations occur throughout the year with Congressman Massie, Senator Paul, Senator McConnell and their respective staffs.  Oftentimes we are in direct dialogue during congressional committee meetings helping them dig deep into the burdensome regulatory structures your business deals with;
  • The Political Housing Club of Northern Kentucky is consistently raising $20,000 each year to contribute to the political campaigns of candidates we feel are helpful to your business;
  • Each year our leaders travel to Frankfort during the General Assembly and join members from around the state to advocate on issue on your behalf;
  • BIA staff regularly testify on your industry’s behalf at Senate and House Committee meetings to bring to light at the legislature the issues you are face with as a professional business person.